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Refund Policy

All refund requests must be made via an Email to When requesting such a refund, you must provide your Ingame Username or UUID and the Transaction ID. Failure to provide said information in the refund request will result in the request being denied on security grounds. Our support team will then ask you to resubmit the request, granting you an additional 72 hours to do so.

Payments for the renewal of a service, addons for services you purchase, and management packs cannot be refunded under any circumstances. Account credits or premium currency are non-refundable and non-withdrawable.

All refunds will be handled through Tebex. This is at the discretion of our support team or management team. Upon the refund of a payment, all related services will be immediately terminated.

Subject to the various conditions below, Billionaire City can provide a refund within the first seventy-two ("72") hours of ordering a new service.

Refunds for services are available within the first seventy-two ("72") hours of made purchase. The seventy-two ("72") hour time period commences at the time of order and ceases when the cancellation request is submitted. Beyond this period, refunds are given solely at our discretion. Upon submitting a refund request, our support team may seek to assist you in solving any issues you have with the service before issuing a refund. You are required to submit a valid reason for the refund request, although the reason provided does not affect your eligibility to claim a refund under this policy.

When our support team receives a refund request, they will seek confirmation from yourself to process the refund before it is issued. If you fail to confirm your continued desire to seek a refund within fourty-eight ("48") hours of our communication, you will no longer be able to request a refund under this policy.

This policy only covers the first seventy-two ("72") hours after a new purchase was made and is only extended to a single transaction per account.

Chargebacks or payment disputes on any payment processor or platform will result in a loss of eligibility for a refund under this policy.

Should you retract a refund request or fail to confirm such a request, the request will be treated as void and no refund will be issued. A new refund request can be submitted following this but will be treated independently of the void request and will follow the terms as outlined above.

Clients who are found to be creating multiple client accounts to claim a refund under this policy will be automatically excluded from the policy.

We might take the liberty to permanently exclude accounts, who refund or chargeback, from our provided playing experiences.